Since 1999, Mike Faverman has been touring the country as a stand-up comedian.  He has worked every major comedy club, college and theater that the country has to offer.  He has recently been featured on Showtime’s - Live Nude Comedy, NESN's - NESN Comedy All-stars, Wealth TV's - The Boomer Show and Playboy TV's - Night Calls to mention a few.  He is also a staple at the most famous comedy club in the world, The Comedy Store, where he performs regularly when he is not on the road.

Mike Faverman has also been directing films, shorts, TV Pilots and commercials since 2004.  Mike created and producer 4 pilots for networks all of which were signed with major production companies, including his baby, Mac and The Big Cheese his criticially acclaimed comedy cooking show that tours nationally around the country.  Mike also helped create, wrote and directed the hilarious TV Pilot, Reel Funny as well as wrote and directed dozens of commercials for Southwest Airlines, Go Daddy, Doritos and  Highlander Films and Dark Sky Pictures confide in Mike to develop projects and ideas.  Mike has directed projects on all types of cameras including 35 MM, HVX200, Sony EX1 and The Red.  His comedic timing and awareness makes him a rare talent in Hollywood as a comedian, actor and director.

Mike also created, produced and stars in a comedy cooking DVD series and live performance called Mac and The Big Cheese and the Ultimate Outdoor Cooking show.  MBC tours regularly all around the country with several sponsors helping market the brands of several multi-million dollar corporations globally.

Mike is also a best selling food author with his book Ultimate Camp Cooking which can be found in thousands of stores across the globe, Barnes and Noble, Camping World, Bass Pro Shops, Gander Mountain and Cabelas.

Mike is a versatile and dynamic performer and visionary.  Everything he touches turns to funny.  You may see his work on, Youtube, FunnyorDie and live at all major comedy clubs and events around the country.

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